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№ 2, 2014

V.E.Berezovskii and J.Mike\v s On canonical almost geodesic mappings of the first type of affinely connected spaces 1
B.E.Kanguzhin, D.B.Nurakhmetov, and N.E.Tokmagambetov Laplace operator with δ-like potentials 6
S.N.Kozulin, V.I.Senashov, and V.P.Shunkov Mp-groups not containing groups of quaternions 13
I.E.Niyozov and O.I.Makhmudov The Cauchy problem of the moment elasticity theory in Rm 24
A.I.Novikova Fundamental function of the Rademacher spaces 31
A.G.Pinus The classical Galois closure for universal aAlgebras 39
E.A.Utkina Characteristic boundary-value problem for a third-order equation with pseudo-parabolic operator and with shifted arguments of desired function 45
D.S.Chistyakov Homogeneous maps of abelian groups 51

Brief communications

F.G.Avkhadiev and I.K.Shafigullin Sharp sstimates of Hardy constants for domains with special boundary properties 58
A.N.Anikiev Plane domains with special cone condition 62
M.M.Arslanov Definable relations in Turing degree structures 64

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