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№ 12, 2014

D.Amanov Boundary-value problem for degenerate parabolic equation of high order with varying time direction 1
V.M.Bruk Dissipative extensions of a symmetric relation generated by a system of integral equations with operator measures 7
M.I.Kabanova and A.M.Shelekhov Nonholonomic (n+1)-webs 23
I.A.Kolesnikov and L.S.Kopaneva Conformal mapping onto numerable polygon with double symmetry 32
A.S.Kuz’mina and Yu.N.Mal’tsev Finite rings with some restrictions on zero-divisor graphs 41
Yu.A.Lygin Solution to differential equation with time continuous Markov coefficient 51
M.A.Novikov Simultaneous diagonalization of three real symmetric matrices 59
G.A.Tolstikhina† and A.M.Shelekhov On the three-web associated to the core of a left Bol three-web 76

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