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№ 11, 2014

A.I.Afonina and I.G.Salekhova The Riemann problem for functions with polar lines of higher orders 1
B.V.Vinnitskii and V.N.Dilnyi On approximation properties of one trigonometric system 10
P.V.Vinogradova and T.E.Koroleva One projection method for linear third order equation 22
F.N.Garif’yanov and A.F.Garif’yanov On functional equations related to a dihedral group 28
M.A.Pliev and I.D.Tsopanov On representation of Stinespring’s type for n-tuples of completely positive maps in Hilbert C*-modules 36
L.I.Rodina and A.Kh.Khammadi Statistical characteristics of attainability set of controllable systems with random coefficients 43
A.V.Rozov On the virtual residual np-finiteness of the free product of polycyclic groups with normal amalgamated subgroups 54
A.V.Chernov Local convexity conditions for reachability tubes of distributed control systems 60

Brief communications

S.Yu.Graf An analog of the Schwarz lemma for locally quasiconformal automorphisms of the unit disk 74

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