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№ 10, 2014

T.S.Aleroev and Kh.T.Aleroeva On a class of fractional non-selfadjoint operators associated with differential equations 41
M.B.Banaru On almost contact metric hypersurfaces with type number 1 in 6-dimensional Kahler submanifolds of the Cayley algebra 10
N.S.Gabbasov and R.R.Zamaliev A special variant of the subdomain method for integral equations of the third kind with singularities in the kernel 15
A.N.Mironov and L.B.Mironova Laplace invariants for a fourth-order equation with two independent variables 22
G.M.Mirsaburova A problem with nonlocal conditions for mixed-type equations 29
A.A.Mikheeva and G.A.Tolstikhina Six-dimensional left Bol three-webs with common core 36
S.E.Stepanov and I.I.Tsyganok Theorems of existence and of vanishing of conformally Killing forms 46
L.K.Shiryaeva On null and alternative distribution of statistic of two-side discordancy test for an extreme outlier 52

Brief communications

I.R.Kayumov, D.V.Maklakov, and F.D.Kayumov Estimates of a spectrum of the integral means for lacunary series 67

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