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№ 1, 2014

A.V.Gil and V.A.Nogin Estimates for some convolution operators with singularities in their kernels on a sphere with applications 1
V.P.Derevenskii Quadratic equations over matrix skew series 14
V.G.Il’ichev and A.A.Zelenin Two-party graphs and monotonicity properties of the Poincare mapping 27
A.A.Kolokolov and L.A.Zaozerskaya Estimation of the number of ierations in integer programming algorithms using the regular partitions method 35
A.V.Neklyudov On the absence of global solutions to the Gauss equation and solutions in external areas 47
T.Kh.Rasulov and R.T.Mukhitdinov The finiteness of the discrete spectrum of a model operator associated with a system of three particles on a lattice 52
V.E.Fedorov and E.A.Omel’chenko Linear equations of the Sobolev type with integral delay operator 60

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