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№ 9, 2013

V.S.Bolodurin Properties of point correspondences between three multidimensional surfaces of projective spaces 1
L.K.Dodunova and O.V.Tyutyulina Approximation of functions by universal sums of series in subsystems of Hermite polynomials 12
M.M.Ibragimov and K.K.Kudaibergenov Geometric description of L1-spaces 16
M.A.Komarov An example of non-uniqueness of a simple partial fraction of the best uniform approximation 22
M.V.Mulyukov On factorization of the characteristic quasipolynomial of a system of linear differential equations with delay 31
V.L.Timokhovich and D.S.Frolova Topologies of uniform convergence. The property in the sense of Arens–Dugundji and the sequential property 37

Brief communications

F.G.Avkhadiev Families of domains with best possible Hardy constant 49
V.G.Zvyagin and V.P.Orlov A weak solvability of a system of thermoviscoelasticity for the Jeffreys model 53
V.P.Maksimov Control of functional differential system in conditions of impulse disturbances 58
R.G.Salakhudinov Isoperimetric inequalities for Lp-norms of the stress function of a multiply connected plane dDomain 62
S.Ya.Serovaiskii An optimal control problem for a nonlinear elliptic equation with a phase constraint and state variation 67

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