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№ 8, 2013

V.A.Antonov and T.G.Nozhkina Groups with relatively small normalizers of biprimary subgroups 1
L.D.Gogoladze and V.Sh.Tsagareishvili The Fourier coefficients of functions with bounded variation 10
B.G.Grebenshchikov The asymptotic stability of a nonstationary system with delay 20
V.L.Dil'man and T.V.Karpeta The stress state of a plastic layer with a variable yield strength under a flat deformation 29
V.V.Malygina and K.M.Chudinov Stability of solutions to differential equations with several variable delays. III 37
O.A.Repin and S.K.Kumykova A nonlocal problem for a mixed-type equation whose order degenerates along the line of change of type 49
R.G.Salakhudinov Isoperimetric properties of euclidean boundary moments of a simply connected domain 57

Brief communications

S.S.Bel'mesova and L.S.Efremova A one-parameter fFamily of quadratic maps of a plane including Morse–Smale endomorphisms 70
N.Temirgaliev, Sh.K.Abikenova, A.Zh.Zhubanysheva, and G.E.Taugynbaeva Discretization of solutions to a wave equation, numerical differentiation, and function recovery with the help of computer (computing) diameter 75

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