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№ 7, 2013

V.V.Malygina and K.M.Chudinov Stability of solutions to differential equations with several variable delays. II 1
G.M.Mirsaburova A mixed problem with Tricomi and Frankl conditions for the Gellerstedt equation with a singular coefficient 13
A.K.Rybnikov An affine interpretation of Backlund transformations 27
N.G.Ryabenkov Polyharmonic functions in structures of exact solutions in the elasticity theory 39
I.P.Ryazantseva Iterative processes of the second order for monotone inclusions in a Hilbert space 45
K.B.Sabitov and E.P.Melisheva The Dirichlet problem for a loaded mixed-type equation in a rectangular domain 53
I.A.Shakirov Lebesgue functions corresponding to a family of Lagrange interpolation polynomials 66

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