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№ 6, 2013

A.A.Abashkin On a weighted boundary-value problem in an infinite half-strip for a biaxisymmetric Helmholtz equation 1
E.V.Zhuravlev, A.S.Kuz’mina, and Yu.N.Mal’tsev The description of varieties of rings whose finite rings are uniquely determined by their zero-divisor graphs 10
V.V.Malygina and K.M.Chudinov Stability of solutions to differential equations with several variable delays. I 21
R.B.Salimov Behavior of a singular integral with Hilbert kernel at a point of weak continuity of its density 32
A.V.Fadeev Solution of a problem of R-linear conjugation for confocal elliptical annulus in the class of piecewise meromorphic functions 39
E.I.Yakovlev A two-point boundary-value problem for gyroscopic systems in some Lorentzian manifolds 53

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