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№ 5, 2013

V.V.Arestov and M.A.Filatova Approximation of differentiation operator in the space L2 on semiaxis 1
P.N.Ivan'shin Quasisolutions of one inverse boundary-value problem of aerohydromechanics 9
G.A.Tolstikhina and A.M.Shelekhov Left Bol three-webs with the IC-property 20
A.V.Chernov Uniformly continuous dependence of a solution to a controlled functional operator equation on a shift of control 29
S.T.Chorieva The Bitsadze–Samarskii problem with the frankl condition on the degeneration line for a mixed-type equation with singular coefficient 42

Brief communications

R.Z.Dautov A sharp error estimate of the best approximation by algebraic polynomials in the weighted space L2(-1,1) 51
M.V.Tryamkin Absolute continuity of quasiconformal mapping of Carnot–Caratheodory spaces 54

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