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№ 3, 2013

M.M.Avanas’eva, P.N.Vabishchevich, and M.V.Vasil’eva Unconditionally stable schemes for convection–diffusion problems 1
V.V.Gorbatsevich Classification of complex simply connected homogeneous spaces of dimension not greater than 2 12
S.N.Il’in On semirings satisfying the Baer criterion 26
E.N.Makhrova The existence of a linear horseshoe of continuous maps of dendrites 32
A.Razani and V.Parvaneh Some fixed point theorems for weakly T-Chatterjea and weakly T-Kannan-contractive mappings in complete metric spaces 38

Brief communications

F.M.Ablayev and K.R.Khadiev Extension of the hierarchy for k-OBDDs of small width 46
G.G.Amosov and A.I.Dnestryan Reconstruction of a pure state from incomplete information on its optical tomogram 51
V.I.Zhegalov and I.M.Sarvarova Solvability of the Goursat problem in quadratures 56
I.Ya.Zabotin and R.S.Yarullin One approach to constructing cutting algorithms with dropping of cutting planes 60

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