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№ 12, 2013

A.R.Abdullaev and E.A.Skachkova Periodic boundary-value problem for a fourth-order differential equation 1
G.A.Grigoryan Boundedness and stability criteria for linear ordinary differential equations of the second order 8
M.M.Kokurin The uniqueness of a solution to the inverse Cauchy problem for a fractional differential equation in a Banach space 16
A.M.Kytmanov and E.K.Myshkina Evaluation of power sums of roots for systems of non-algebraic equations in Cn 31
N.P.Mozhei Affine connections on three-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian homogeneous spaces. I 44

Brief communications

P.V.Bibikov Projective equivalence of smooth functions on the plane 63
A.M.Bikchentaev The Haagerup problem on subadditive weights on W*-algebras. II 66
E.I.Bravyi Minimal periods of solutions to higher-order functional differential equations 70
R.B.Salimov and P.L.Shabalin Homogeneous Hilbert boundary-value problem with countable set of discontinuities and logarithmic singularity of index 75
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