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№ 11, 2013

N.A.Koreshkov Lie sheaves of small dimensions 1
L.I.Rodina Estimation of statistical characteristics of attainability sets of controllable systems 17
A.G.Chentsov Attraction sets in abstract attainability problems: equivalent representations and basic properties 28
A.V.Shchennikov and V.N.Shchennikov Connectivity estimations of errors of linearization of essentially nonlinear systems 45

Brief communications

O.G.Avsyankin and F.G.Peretyat'kin Boundedness and compactness of multidimensional integral operators with homogeneous kernels 57
M.F.Davletbaev and K.B.Igudesman Fractal approximation of vector functions 61
A.N.Frolov A note on Δ02-spectra of linear orderings and degree spectra of the successor relation 65

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