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№ 10, 2013

A.A.Atvinovskii and A.R.Mirotin On some functional calculus of closed operators in a Banach space 1
I.M.Plaksina On positiveness of the Cauchy function of a singular linear functional differential equation 13
B.V.Simonov Sine and cosine series in $L_\varphi$ classes 19
E.A.Sozontova Characteristic problems with normal derivatives for hyperbolic systems 37

Brief communications

N.R.Abubakirov and L. A. Aksent’ev Explicit forms of the Schwarz integral with applications for inverse boundary-value problems 48
M.A.Aukhadiev, S.A.Grigoryan, and E.V.Lipacheva On compact quantum cemigroup QSred 54
A.G.Gein and M.P.Shushpanov Defining relations of a free modular lattice of rank 3 59
M.A.Sevodin Sets convex in a cone of directions 62
S.I.Solodushkin A difference scheme for the numerical solution of an advection equation with aftereffect 65

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