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№ 1, 2013

S.N.Kiyasov Certain classes of problems on linear conjugation for a two-dimensional vector admitting explicit solutions 1
V.S.Klimov A relative variant of the Morse theory 17
S.M.Minčić and M.L.Zlatanović Geometric interpretation of curvature and torsion tensors in a generalized Finsler space 26
M.Mirsaburov and Zh.Khudzhaev A problem with Tricomi and Frankl conditions on the characteristic for a class of mixed-type equations 35
A.K.Ratyni To the theory of boundary-value problems for elliptic equations with superposition operators in the boundary condition. I 44
D.N.Sidorov Solvability of systems of Volterra integral equations of the first kind with piecewise continuous kernels 54
A.V.Tarasenko Solvability of a nonlocal problem for a loaded parabolic-hyperbolic equation 64

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