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№ 9, 2012

L.K.Dodunova and S.A.Savikhin Completeness of subsystems of Faber polynomials 1
I.V.Konnov On scalarization of vector optimization type problems 5
V.A.Mirzoyan and G.S.Machkalyan Normally flat Ric-semisymmetric submanifolds in Euclidean spaces 14
G.Mirsaburova A combination of the Tricomi problem and a boundary-value problem with a shift for the Gellerstedt equation 25
S.A.Tyurin The symbol of type and the Wilson theorem 39
Yu.A.Farkov and M.E.Borisov Periodic dyadic wavelets and coding of fractal functions 46

Brief communications

V.F.Kirichenko Solvability of a connected thermoelasticity problem for three-layer shells 57
V.P.Maksimov and A.L.Chadov A class of controls for a functional-differential continuous-discrete system 62

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