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№ 8, 2012

V.S.Bolodurin On the geometry of point correspondences of three conformal spaces 1
S.S.Volosivets The weighted L1-integrability of functions and the Parseval equality with respect to multiplicative systems 11
N.S.Gabbasov and S.A.Solov’eva Special versions of the collocation method for a class of integral equations of the third kind 22
A.N.Maksimenko An analog of the Cook theorem for polytopes 28
M.Kh.Ruziev A problem with the Frankl and Bitsadze–Samarskii condition on the line of degeneracy and on parallel characteristics for a mixed-type equation 35

Brief communications

A.V.Arguchintsev and V.P.Poplevko Optimal control in chemical fractionation problem 44
V.P.Orlov A non-homogeneous regularized problem of dynamics of viscoelastic continuous medium 48

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