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№ 7, 2012

V.M.Deundyak and E.I.Miroshnikova The Boundedness and the Fredholm property of integral operators with anisotropically homogeneous kernels of compact type and variable coefficients 1
V.M.Misyakov The Jacobson radical of the endomorphism ring of a torsion-free Abelian group 15
V.I.Filippov On the Kolmogorov theorems on Fourier series and conjugate functions 18
Z.B.Tsalyuk and M.V.Tsalyuk The asymptotic behavior of solutions of a certain nonlinear Volterra equation 30

Brief communications

F.G.Avkhadiev Isoperimetric inequality for torsional rigidity in multidimensional domains 39
A.D.Baev and S.S.Buneev A priori estimates for solutions of boundary-value problems in a band for a class of higher-order degenerate elliptic equations 44
Yu.V.Eliseeva An approach for computing eigenvalues of discrete symplectic boundary-value problems 47
A.A.Nurmagomedov Convergence of Fourier sums in polynomials orthogonal on arbitrary grids 52
V.A.Srochko Optimization of the chemotherapy process on the base of the maximum principle 55

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