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№ 6, 2012

B.I.Golubov Absolute convergence of double series of Fourier–Haar coefficients for functions of bounded p-variation 1
S.E.Zhelezovskii Stability of an operator-difference scheme for thermoelasticity problems 11
V.V.Karachik Application of the Almansi formula for constructing polynomial solutions to the Dirichlet problem for a second-order equation 20
S.N.Kiyasov Some cases of efficient factorization of second-order matrix functions 30
A.Yu.Kuznetsova and E.V.Patrin One class of C*-algebras generated by a family of partial isometries and multiplicators 37

Brief communications

V.V.Vlasov and N.A.Rautian Integrodifferential Equations in Viscoelasticity Theory 48
R.B.Salimov The behavior of a singular integral with the Hilbert kernel near a point where the density of the integral is weakly continuous 52
F.A.Sukochev On the A.M.Bikchentaev Conjecture 57

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