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№ 2, 2012

M.E.Abramyan Uniform convergence of the rectangle method for singular integral equation with the Holder density 1
M.A.Alekhina and S.M.Grabovskaya Reliability of nonbranching programs in an arbitrary complete finite basis 10
S.V.Gaidomak The canonical structure of a pencil of degenerate matrix functions 19
B.G.Grebenshchikov The first-approximation stability of a nonstationary system with delay 29
A.A.Duyunova Three-webs W(1,n,1) and associated systems of ordinary differential equations 37
A.G.Egorov and O.S.Zakharova The optimal quasi-stationary motion of a vibration-driven robot in a viscous medium 50
N.A.Koreshkov Triangulation of n-tuple solvable Lie algebras 56
I.Orazov and M.A.Sadybekov One nonlocal problem of determination of the temperature and density of heat sources 60
R.N.Fadeev Analogs of Lorentz theorems for double multiplicative systems 65

Brief communications

A.M.Bikchentaev Block projection operators in normed solid spaces of measurable operators 75
I.M.Plaksina One class of singular linear functional differential equations 80

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