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№ 12, 2012

M.Barnsley and K.B.Igudesman Overlapping iterated function systems on a segment 1
V.S.Bolodurin On Projective-differential properties of point correspondences between three hypersurfaces 13
V.V.Bochkarev and E.Yu.Lerner The Zipf law for random texts with unequal letter probabilities and the Pascal pyramid 25
M.V.Dolgopolik Inhomogeneous convex approximations of nonsmooth functions 28
I.N.Maliev and M.A.Pliev A Stinespring type representation for operators in Hilbert modules over local C*-algebras 43
O.A.Repin and S.K.Kumykova A problem with generalized fractional integro-differentiation operators of arbitrary order 50
L.K.Shiryaeva The distribution of the maximum likelihood-ratio statistic used for testing a normal sample for three outliers 61

Brief communications

N.R.Abubakirov and L.A.Aksent’ev Inverse boundary-value problems of Cauchy type for harmonic functions 71
D.V.Maklakov and I.R.Kayumov One nonlinear variational problem of the theory of cavitating profiles 76
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