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№ 11, 2012

S.Yu.Antonov The least degree of identities in the subspace M1(m,k)(F) of the matrix superalgebra M(m,k)(F) 1
G.A.Grigoryan Two comparison criteria for scalar Riccati equations with applications 15
K.M.Zubrilin $p$-geodesic transformations induced by infinitesimal holomorphically projective transformations of Kahler spaces 26
L.V.Stenyukhin Minimal surfaces with constraints of inequality type 38

Brief communications

S.V.Astashkin Rosenthal type inequalities for martingales in symmetric spaces 50
R.B.Salimov and P.L.Shabalin A homogeneous Hilbert problem with discontinuous coefficients and two-side curling at infinity point of order 1/2 =< ρ <1 62
F.F.Sultanbekov A (3,3)-homogeneous quantum logic with 18 atoms. I 62

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