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№ 1, 2012

A.N.Abyzov Regular semiartinian rings 1
D.Kh.Dzhumabaev Holomorphic continuation of functions from closed hypersurfaces with singular edges 9
D.B.Zot’ev Fomenko–Zieschang invariants of integrable systems with symplectic singularities 19
V.A.Klyachin and A.A.Shirokii The Delaunay triangulation for multidimensional surfaces and its approximative properties 27
V.I.Maksimov On tracking solutions of parabolic equations 35
S.V.Maryushenkov Estimation of the norm of an operator inverse to a differential one 43
A.N.Mironov Application of the Riemann method to a factorized equation in an n-dimensional space 48
G.Mirsaburova A problem with a Frankl condition on the boundary of the ellipticity domain for the Gellerstedt equation with a singular coefficient 55
M.G.Plotnikov Coefficients of convergent multiple Haar series 61
M.Kh.Ruziev Problems with shifts for mixed elliptic-hyperbolic equations 66
S.Azarmi Foliations associated with the structure of a manifold over a Grassmann algebra of even degree exterior forms 76
E.M.Vechtomov and E.N.Lubyagina The determinability of compacts by lattices of ideals and congruences of semirings of continuous [0,1]-valued functions on them 79
I.A.Gordeeva and S.E.Stepanov Three classes of Weitzenbock manifolds 83

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