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№ 9, 2011

S.L.Berberyan Some applications of P'-sequences in studying boundary properties of arbitrary harmonic functions 1
A.V.Gil' and V.A.Nogin L1-H1 bounds for a generalized Strichartz potential 7
B.G.Grebenshchikov and A.B.Lozhnikov Stabilization methods for systems with two linear delays 15
V.P.Derevenskii Trigonometric solutions of nonlinear first-order ordinary differential equations over a Banach algebra 24
N.A.Erzakova On measure-compact operators 37
S.E.Zhelezovskii The convergence rate of a projection-difference method for an abstract coupled problem 43
N.I.Manina and A.Ya.Sultanov Infinitesimal affine transformations of the second order tangent bundle with horizontal lift Connection 52
A.K.Rybnikov Differential-geometric structures defining higher order contact transformations 58
F.G.Avkhadiev, R.G.Nasibullin, and I.K.Shafigullin Hardy-type inequalities with power and logarithmic weights in domains of the Euclidean space 76
L.A.Aksent'ev and D.V.Maklakov An integral comparison theorem for cavitation diagrams 80
P.V.Bibikov Classification of ternary forms with zero Hessian 85

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