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№ 7, 2011

A.L.Ageev and T.V.Antonova A method for the localization of singularities of a solution to a convolution-type equation of the first kind with a step kernel 1
B.M.Vernikov Codistributive elements of the lattice of semigroup varieties 9
A.N.Degtev New series of weakly implicative selector sets 17
V.I.Zhegalov and I.M.Sarvarova One approach to the solution of Volterra integral equations with degenerate kernels 23
M.V.Plekhanova and A.F.Islamova Solvability of mixed-type optimal control problems for distributed systems 30
S.L.Starodubov A Theorem on properties of sample functions of a random field and generalized random fields 40
Yu.A.Farkov and S.A.Stroganov The use of discrete dyadic wavelets in image processing 47
V.Yu.Shaprynskii Distributive and neutral elements of the lattice of commutative semigroup varieties 56
A.A.Shcheglova The Continuous dependence of solutions to algebraic differential systems on the initial data 68
M.V.Shchukin N-homogeneous C*-algebras generated by idempotents 81

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