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№ 6, 2011

D.A.Abanina Representation of solutions of convolution equations in nonquasianalytic Beurling classes of ultradifferentiable functions of mean type 1
S.L.Berberyan The distribution of values of harmonic functions in the unit disk 9
H.Bor A study on generalized quasi-power increasing sequences 15
B.G.Vakulov, E.S.Kochurov, and N.G.Samko Zygmund-type estimates for fractional integration and differentiation operators of variable order 20
E.G.Ganenkova The Bagemihl theorem for the skeleton of a polydisk and its applications 29
V.S.Klimov and N.A.Dem'yankov Relative rotation and variational inequalities 37
S.S.Korobkov Finite rings with exactly two maximal subrings 46
A.A.Koshelev The best approximation of Laplace operator by linear bounded operators in the space Lp 53
L.A.Krukier and B.L.Krukier Convergence of skew-symmetric iterative methods 64
E.A.Novikov The global error of one-step solution methods for stiff problems 68
A.A.Ogorodnikov Solution of nonlinear stochastic equations with a generator of a semigroup discontinuous at zero 76
S.E.Kholodovskii and N.N.Shadrina Solution of boundary-value problems with generalized transmission conditions of the type of a crack or a screen 85

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