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№ 5, 2011

M.A.Al'shanskii Gaussian white noise with trajectories in the space S'(H) 1
N.S.Gabbasov and R.R.Zamaliev A new variant of the subdomain method for integral equations of the third kind with singularities in the kernel 8
N.A.Koreshkov Homogeneously simple associative algebras 14
A.Yu.Kulikov and V.V.Malygina Stability of semi-autonomous difference equations 19
I.N.Meleshko and P.G.Lasyi Approximate solution of one singular integro-differential equation 28
K.B.Sabitov and I.A.Khadzhi The boundary-value problem for the Lavrent'ev–Bitsadze equation with unknown right-hand side 35
N.A.Sidorov and D.N.Sidorov Small solutions of nonlinear differential equations near branching points 43
E.A.Utkina A uniqueness theorem for solution of one Dirichlet problem 51
V.Sh.Tsagareishvili Functional conditions for the convergence of Fourier series with respect to general orthonormal systems 56
D.S.Biserov and K.B.Igudesman Matrices over a semiring of binary relations and V-variable fractals 63
S.G.Dalalyan Generalized Jordan normal forms of a finite-dimensional linear operator 67
M.B.Karmanova An example of a Carnot manifold with C1-smooth basis vector fields 70
A.A.Sobolev and M.R.Timerbaev Schemes of the finite element method with separation of singularity for a two-point boundary-value problem of the 4th order with degenerate coefficients 74

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