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№ 4, 2011

S.A.Aldashev A criterion for the unique solvability of the Dirichlet spectral problem in a cylindrical domain for a multidimensional Lavrent'ev--Bitsadze equation 1
N.K.Bakirov An asymptotically optimal cubic spline 5
A.A.Boiko, D.B.Ziyatdinov, and Sh.T.Ishmukhametov One approach to factorization of positive integers 12
M.V.Devyaterikova, A.A.Kolokolov, and N.A.Kosarev The analysis of the stability of some integer programming algorithms with respect to the objective function 18
V.I.Zorkal'tsev Dual interior point algorithms 26
S.N.Kiyasov Some sases of the solvability in a closed form of singular integral equations and two-dimensional characteristic systems 44
A.M.Kytmanov and S.G.Myslivets Some families of complex lines sufficient for holomorphic extension of functions 60
T.V.Nikonenkova Solution of n-phase R-linear conjugation problem 67
A.S.Samsonov Nearly Kahler and Hermitian f-structures on homogeneous Φ-spaces of order 6 74
A.V.Malyshev and A.S.Strekalovskii Connection of some bilevel and nonlinear optimization problems 83
V.V.Sidorov The automorphism group of the lattice of all subalgebras of the semiring of polynomials over the semifield of nonnegative real numbers 87

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