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№ 3, 2011

V.N.Dumachev Phase flows and vector Hamiltonians 1
M.M.Karchevskii A multigrid method for weakly nonlinear elliptic equations of the second order 8
N.Kehayopulu Retract extensions of lattices 17
N.N.Korneeva Degrees of asynchronously automaton transformations 26
A.R.Mirotin The Shilov boundary and the Gelfand spectrum of algebras of generalized analytic functions 36
M.Mirsaburov and R.Karasakalov The second generalized Frankl' problem for the Chaplygin equation with a singular coefficient 44
G.Mirsaburova A problem with conditions analogous to Frankl' and Bitsadze–Samarskii ones for the Gellerstedt equation 53
I.T.Nazipov Solution of the spatial Tricomi problem for a singular mixed-type equation by the method of integral equations 61
S.V.Sidorov Similarity of matrices with integer spectrum over the ring of integers 77
A.V.Chernov A majorant criterion for the total preservation of global solvability of controlled functional operator equation 85

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