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№ 2, 2011

N.A.Aksyonov The boundary-value problem for differential-operator equations of the first order in a locally convex space 1
M.S.Bichegkuev and S.V.Besaeva Spectral properties of difference and differential operators in weighted spaces 13
L.I.Galieva and I.G.Galyautdinov One class of equations solvable in radicals 18
K.B.Igudesman A certain family of self-similar sets 26
I.V.Konnov and I.A.Pastukhov Method for solving general multi-valued complementarity problem 39
I.G.Mamedov One Goursat problem in a Sobolev space 46
N.G.Parvatov The lower neighborhoods problem in a space with closure and a finitary theorem 56
K.B.Sabitov and N.V.Martem'yanova A nonlocal inverse problem for a mixed-type equation 61
A.G.Chentsov On approximate constraint satisfaction 75
A.V.Zvyagin Solvability of a stationary model of motion of weak aqueous polymer solutions 90
N.M.Poluboyarova Stability of n-dimensional extremal surfaces of revolution 93

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