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№ 12, 2011

A.N.Abyzov Generalized SV-rings of bounded index of Nilpotency 1
R.E.Afonin and A.B.Pevnyi A criterion for a spherical design associated with V.A.Yudin potentials 11
V.P.Zhitnikov, E.M.Oshmarina, and G.I.Fedorova Exact solutions of two limiting quasistationary electrochemical shaping problems 16
A.Yu.Kulikov and V.V.Malygina Stability of a linear difference equation and estimation of its fundamental solution 23
I.S.Mekhedov A multisheet plane figure and its medial axis 34
S.Ponnusamy and K.-J.Wirths On an extreme point conjecture for concave functions 44
O.A.Starikova and A.V.Svistunova Enumeration of quadrics of projective spaces over local rings 48
M.F.Timan and Yu.Kh.Khasanov Approximations of almost periodic functions by entire ones 52
F.G.Avkhadiev Sharp estimates for functions with a pole and logarithmic singularity 58
S.S.Alekseev and O.A.Zadvornov Solvability of a multivalued filtering problem in a heterogeneous environment with a distributed source 63
I.M.Kamalutdinov and D.V.Maklakov Quasisolution of an inverse boundary-value problem in aerohydrodynamics with a limited maximum velocity on a contour in a range of angles of attack 67

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