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№ 11, 2011

V.Yu.Dorofeev A method of algebraic extension of the lagrangian of weak interactions to nonassociative algebra 1
T.V.Eroshkina and V.L.Dil’man Mathematical modeling of the stress state of a transverse plastic layer in a round rod 9
S.G.Kolesnikov and N.V.Mal’tsev Derivations of a matrix ring containing a subring of triangular matrices 18
E.Yu.Lerner Relationship between matching and assignment problems 27
E.N.Makhrova The structure of dendrites with the periodic point property 33
R.B.Salimov A modification of an approach to the solution of the Hilbert boundary-value problem for an analytic function in a multiconnected circular domain 38
S.N.Tronin Natural multitransformations of multifunctors 49
A.A.Voronenko, V.S.Fedorova, and D.V.Chistikov Iterated Boolean functions in the elementary basis 61
F.N.Garif’yanov and E.V.Nasyrova Regularization of linear difference equations with analytic coefficients and their applications 66
Yu.V.Eliseeva Spectra of discrete symplectic eigenvalue Problems with separated boundary conditions 71
A.N.Plyushchenko On the word problem for the free Burnside semigroups satisfying x2=x3 76

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