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№ 12, 1997

A.S.Antipin Computation of fixed points of symmetric extremal mappings 1
E.V.Apekina, O.V.Khamisov A modified simplex immersions method with simultaneous introduction of several intersecting planes 14
E.Kh.Gimadi and V.V.Zalyubovskii Bin packing: An asymptotically exact approach 23
E.Kh.Gimadi, V.V.Zalyubovskii and P.I.Sharygin The problem of strip packing: An asymptotically exact approach 32
A.I.Golikov and Yu.G.Yevtushenko A modified Lagrange function for the linear programming problems 43
I.I.Yeryomin Some questions of piecewise linear programming 47
I.Ya.Zabotin Second order algorithm with parameterized directions for conditional optimization problems 60
G.G.Zabudskii Algorithm for solving a problem on optimal linear ordering 71
I.V.Konnov On systems of variational inequalities 77
V.N.Shevchenko On a partition of a convex polytope into simplexes without new vertices 87
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