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№ 11, 1997

M.V.Bulatov A method of perturbation for the differential-algebraic systems 1
A.F.Vasil'yev and T.I.Vasil'yeva On finite groups whose principal factors are simple groups 8
A.A.V'yalitsin Investigation of systems of linear Diophante inequalities by the group theory methods 13
Yu.B.Yermolayev Universal Cartan extension 20
T.M.Ledenyova Certain aspects of representation of fuzzy operators in the form of a ratio of two polynomials 31
P.E.Markov General analytic and infinitesimal deformations of immersions II 38
A.G.Pinus On the $\aleph$-identity of epimorphy and embeddability relations on quasivarieties 49
S.M.Sedova On a criterion for the stability of a scalar equation with constant delay and periodical coefficient 58
I.G.Teregulov Thermodynamical potentials and mathematical simulation of the process of flow of viscous media 69

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