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№ 9, 1997

L.S.Velimirovich Infinitesimal bending of torus-like surface with polygonal meridian 1
A.Yu.Dan'shin Infinitesimal projective transformations in the tangent bundle of general space of paths 6
T.B.Zhogova Second order projective deformation of a family Lm2n-1 11
L.V.Lipagina On the algebra of invariant affinor structures on the sphere S5 15
P.E.Markov General analytic and infinitesimal deformations of immersions I 19
V.A.Mirzoyan Submanifolds with symmetric fundamental forms of higher orders as envelopes 33
G.G.Mikhailichenko The three-dimensional Lie algebras of locally transitive transformations of space 38
I.Kh.Sabitov An integral analog of the Darboux equations for immersions of two-dimensional metrics 46
N.K.Farafonova Geometry of the Grassmann bundle I 54
M.A.Cheshkova The Bianchi transformation of n-surfaces in E2n-1 68
Ye.I.Yakovlev Sectional curvatures of manifolds of the Kaluza-Klein type 72

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