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№ 8, 1997

A.V.Boyarshinova On the space of essential infinitesimal deformations 1
A.N.Vityuk Existence of solutions for differential inclusions with partial derivatives of fractional order 10
A.I.Volodin Convergence of weighted sums of random elements in Banach spaces of type p 17
S.A.Yegishyantz and Ye.I.Ostrovskii Asymptotic behavior of random fields on the sequence of extending sets 23
A.A.Kosov On the global stability of the nonautonomous systems II 30
A.B.Sekerin Support theorem for the complex Radon transform 40
E.N.Sosov On geodesic mappings of special metric spaces 43
S.N.Tronin On the Morita-contexts which arise in isomorphism between some subrings of the rings of endomorphisms 46
M.Sh.Yakupov Canonical description and inversion of operators in discrete space I 55
L.A.Aksent'ev, G.G.Bil'chenko On an inverse problem for the ChristoffelЦSchwarz integrals 68
N.M.Ratiner Properties of bordism classes of framed submanifolds of Fredholm structure 73

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