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№ 7, 1997

T.M.Vukolova and M.I.Dyachenko Estimates for mixed norms of the sums of double trigonometric series with multiply monotonous coefficients 1
A.V.Glushak On the asymptotic proximity of the solutions of the Cauchy problem for first-order differential equations in a Banach space 12
Yu.Yu.Goryunov A generalization of the Dressler theorem 16
V.S.Klimov Embedding theorems and exterior cross measures 19
A.A.Kosov On the global stability of the nonautonomous systems. I 26
A.K.Lerner On estimation of the strong maximal functions 33
M.Ye.Maiorova and M.F.Pavlova Convergence of explicit difference schemes for a variational inequality of the theory of nonlinear nonstationary filtration 46
I.P.Ryazantseva On equations with perturbed accretive mappings 58
G.A.Sviridyuk, T.G.Sukacheva and L.L.Dudko Relative σ-boundedness of linear operators 65
I.N.Sidorov Construction of the integral representation for solution of equilibrium equations in certain versions of theory of shells with a complicated geometry 71

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