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№ 6, 1997

N.V.Azbelev and P.M.Simonov Stability of the equations with delay 1
V.V.Petrova and E.L.Tonkov The admissibility of periodic processes and existence theorems for periodic solutions II. 15
A.N.Rumyantsev A constructive investigation of differential equations with arbitrary deviation of argument 22
Yu.T.Sil'chenko A differentiation operator with nonregular boundary conditions 29
P.M.Simonov and A.B.Chistyakov On exponential stability of linear difference-differential systems 34
S.D.Umalatov On a certain Kothe space determined by a differential operator 46
A.G.Chentsov On extension of stochastic constraints in the class of finite-additive probabilities 54
I.V.Shragin and Yu.V.Nepomnyashchikh The Caratheodory D-conditions and their connection with the D-continuity of the Nemytskii operator 66

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