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№ 5, 1997

E.I.Abduragimov On positive radial symmetric solution of Dirichlet problem for a certain nonlinear equation and a numerical method for its evaluation 1
B.G.Gabdulkhayev and L.B.Yermolayeva The interpolation Lagrange polynomials in the Sobolev spaces 4
Yu.M.Danilov and N.V.Nikonova An implicit difference scheme for solving nonlinear equations of hydrodynamics 17
N.G.Zhevnova and A.N.Skiba p-saturated formations with complemented p-saturated subformations 20
N.N.Likhacheva The Valee-Poussin theorem for a class of functional-differential equations 27
S.N.Melikhov and Z.Momm On the linear inverse from right operator for the convolution operator on the spaces of germs of analytical functions on convex compacts in C 35
S.Yu.Novak A statistical estimation for the maximal eigenvalue of matrix 46
V.B.Repnitskii On lattice-universal varieties of algebras 50
G.A.Sviridyuk and and A.V.Keller Invariant spaces and dichotomies of solutions of a class of linear equations of the Sobolev type 57
V.A.Sevast'yanov The Riemann method for a three-dimensional hyperbolic equation of third order 66
Khamza Buzhuf and V.V.Mukhin On the topologies over semigroups and groups, which are defined by families of deviations and norms 71
S.A.Laktionov On the complexes of two-dimensional planes in the projective space with a single critical line 75

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