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№ 4, 1997

A.A.Amosov and A.A.Zlotnik Semidiscrete method for solving equations of a one-dimensional motion of viscous heat-conductive gas with non-smooth data 1
L.L.Glazyrina and M.F.Pavlova On the solvability of a nonlinear evolutionary inequality of the theory of joint motion of surface and ground waters 18
Ye.G.D'yakonov Estimation of the Kolmogorov N-widths for certain compacts in the strengthened Sobolev spaces 30
S.B.Zaitseva and A.A.Zlotnik Exact estimates for the error gradient of locally one-dimensional methods for multidimensional equation of heat conduction 49
M.M.Karchevskii, A.D.Lyashko and V.N.Paimushin On mathematical problems in the theory of multilayer shells with transversally soft fillers 64
L.A.Krukier Skew-symmetric iteration methods for solving stationary problem of convection-diffusion with a small parameter at the highest derivative 75
E.M.Fedotov On a class of two-layer difference schemes for nonlinear boundary value problems with memory 84
G.I.Shishkin and I.V.Tselishcheva The decomposition method for singularly perturbed boundary value problems with the local perturbation of the initial conditions. Equations with convective terms 96
S.N.Martyushov Generation of two- and three-dimensional grids for problems of gas dynamics on the base of the Poisson equation 106

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