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№9, 1998

V.N.Bobochko Unstable and multiple elements of the spectrum in a system of singularly perturbed differential equations 1
I.V.Boikov Optimal algorithms of reconstruction of functions and computation of integrals on a class of infinitely differentiable functions 12
Yu.G.Bulychyov Construction of parameterized solutions of linear operator equations on the base of a modified Galyorkin method 19
V.F.Volkodavov and I.N.Rodionova The inversion formulas for some two-dimensional Volterra integral equations of the first kind 28
E.V.Voskresenskii On the reducibility of nonlinear differential equations 31
V.E.Geit On the functions which are the second modulus of continuity 36
S.Ya.Grinshpon On equaling zero by the group of homomorphisms of Abelian groups 39
Yu.P.Zhigalko and M.M.Toropova Analytic solutions of problems on oscillations of elastic plates and shells with reinforcements of applications type 44
V.I.Lebedev and A.A.Medovikov An explicit method of second order accuracy for solving stiff systems of ordinary differential equations 52
L.A.Masal'tsev On minimal submanifolds of constant curvature in Euclidean space 61
Nguen Zoan Tuan On a class of three-webs of type W(4,4,2) with constant components of the fundamental tensor 63
I.G.Teregulov and S.N.Timergaliyev To resolvability of physically nonlinear problem of the theory of slanting shells under finite displacements 67

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