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№8, 1998

L.A.Aksent'yev, A.V.Kazantsev and N.I.Popov On uniqueness theorems for the exterior inverse boundary value problem in subclasses of univalent functions 1
V.G.Gordiyenko The set of values of initial coefficients of bounded univalent functions 12
A.A.Grigoryants An interpretation of the torsion tensor of a connection 20
R.Kh.Ibragimova Motion on tangent bundles which preserves both the orthogonal and tangent structures 27
G.N.Kamyshova Variational method and optimal control in solving the Mocanu problem 33
S.P.Mishchenko A sufficient condition for nilpotence of the commutant of the Lie algebra 41
G.Sh.Skvortsova and O.Ye.Tikhonov Convex sets in noncommutative L1-spaces, closed in the topology of local convergence in measure 46
V.D.Solov'yov The completeness problem in the class of polynomials is resolvable 53
N.K.Farafonova Geometry of Grassmann bundle II 57
L.D.Eskin The Onsager equation as the LyapunovЦSchmidt equation 67
V.A.Mirzoyan Submanifolds with semi-parallel higher order fundamental forms as envelopes 75

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