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№7, 1998

A.A.Voronin Asymptotic properties of solutions of ordinary differential equations with large parameter 1
A.Yu.Dan'shin Infinitesimal conformal transformations in the tangent bundles of Finsler manifolds 9
A.A.Yefremov Isolated from above d-r.e. degrees II 15
R.I.Kadiev (Jr.) On the spectrum of a class of Schrodinger operators with finitely many generalized functions 23
V.V.Rozen Embeddings of ordered sets into ordered linear spaces 29
A.Yu.Senitskii On the integrability of a wave equation with variable coefficients 36
Ye.N.Sosov On convex sets in generalized chord space 44
I.G.Teregulov and S.N.Timergaliyev On the solvability of a geometrically nonlinear problem in the theory of slanting shells 50
N.Ya.Tikhonenko and Ye.P.Tsymbalyuk Projective methods for solving exceptional case of equations of convolution type 59
A.V.Chakmazyan On hyperbands of affine space in Peterson correspondence 67
Yu.M.Vazhenin and Yu.V.Nagrebetskaya On critical theories of groups and monoids of integer-valued matrices 74

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