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№6, 1998

K.V.Andreyev On the intrinsic geometries of the manifold of planar generators of six-dimensional quadric 1
R.F.Bilyalov and B.S.Nikitin Spinors in terms of arbitrary frames. Covariant derivative and the Lie derivative of spinors 7
V.V.Vishnevskii A manifold with a pair of commutative semitangent structures 16
R.A.Wolak On leaves of the Lagrangian foliations 24
S.G.Leiko The P-geodesic transformations of tangent bundles, induced by concircular transformations of base manifold, and their groups 32
V.A.Mirzoyan On a certain class of submanifolds with parallel higher order fundamental form 42
M.Prvanovic On totally umbilical submanifolds immersed in a weakly symmetric Riemannian manifold 49
B.A.Rozenfel'd The group-theoretic sense of Neifel'd spaces 60
K.V.Semyonov On the geometry of the third order evolutionary equation 62
I.G.Shandra On the geometry of the tangent bundle over a manifold with a pseudo-connection and antiquaternionic f-structures 69
A.Szybiak Infinitesimal equations for second order Grassmannians 80
M.A.Cheshkova On the geometry of central projection of n-surface in the Euclidean space En+m 88
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