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№5, 1998

M.B.Vakarchuk On the relation between a complex spline approximation and the continuous differentiability of functions on a curve 1
A.N.Gorban' A generalized approximation theorem and the exact representation of polynomials in several variables via the superpositions of polynomials in one variable 4
L.I.Danilov On uniform approximation of functions which are almost periodic by Stepanov 8
N.A.Yerzakova The Muckenhoupt constant and the measure of noncompactness of the operator of embedding of the Sobolev space 17
A.N.Karapetyants and V.A.Nogin Characterization of functions from anisotropic spaces of complex order 22
N.I.Kipriyanova The mean-value theorem for B-polyharmonic equation 29
A.L.Lukashov Rational interpolation processes over two segments 33
S.R.Mironova Singular integral equations on a countable set of closed non-rectifiable and fractal curves 41
O.G.Parfyonov Weighted estimates of the Laplace transform 48
A.-R.K.Ramazanov Sign-sensitive approximations of bounded functions by means of polynomials 51
B.V.Simonov On trigonometric series with monotone coefficients in the Lorenz spaces 57
M.N.Sheremeta About the maximal term of the derivative of the Dirichlet series 66
A.A.Yatsenko Iterative rearrangements of functions and the Lorenz spaces 71
A.I.Syusyukalov On the approximation of functions from the class C(


) by the averages of subsequences of the Fourier sums

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