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№4, 1998

A.V.Aminova and D.A.Kalinin H-projective mappings of four-dimensional Kahlerian manifolds 1
V.E.Geit The generalized Lorentz theorem on the Fourier series with monotone coefficients and its inversion 12
M.I.Drobotenko and A.V.Kosterin Regularization of the problem of filtration consolidation of elastic porous medium 15
V.G.Il'ichyov The delta-functions and investigation of the Volterra ecology models in varying ambience 20
P.S.Krasil'nikov On a theorem by LagrangeЦImshenetskii 31
I.S.Lomov On the baseness of root functions of differential operators of second order on compacts 37
I.N.Maiboroda and L.A.Ostrovetskii On a bilateral method for solving nonlinear equations 51
L.Ya.Polyakov and V.N.Semenchuk Characterization of the minimal non-F-groups 58
A.M.Stokolos On the strong differentiation of integrals of functions from many-dimensional Hardy classes 62
B.T.Tashpulatov The Klosterman type formulas for ternary quadratic forms of the type x21+4x22+4k+1x23 and the absence of such forms of the Liouville type 67
S.E.Zhelezovskii Sharpened error estimates of the BubnovЦGalyorkin method in a bound thermoelasticity problem for a plate 73
R.B.Salimov, E.V.Nasyrova and P.L.Shabalin Univalent solvability of an inverse mixed boundary value problem 76

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