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№3, 1998

A.B.Bychkov Interpolating bases in function spaces $C^0_\omega(K)$ and $H^0_\omega(K)$ 1
I.S.Yemel'yanova One case of solving Hess problem in trigonometric functions 7
S.Yu.Kultyshev and L.M.Kultysheva On the identification of functional differential systems with aftereffect 13
V.A.Molchanov Nonstandard convergencies in spaces of partial mappings 25
K.Rosembaum Induced symplectic modules 31
Yu.T.Sil'chenko On a moving boundary value problem for a domain 41
T.G.Sukachyova On resolvability of a nonstationary problem of the dynamics of the incompressible visco-elastic nonzero order KelvinЦVoigt fluid 44
S.L.Tonkonog and L.D.Eskin On some symmetries and invariant solutions of the equations of the dynamics of a non-Newton fluid II 52
M.A.Cheshkova On a property of orthogonal surfaces 60
R.R.Shagidullin Minimization of functional of complete energy for a soft shell 62
T.V.Azarnova Estimation of the elements of reciprocal matrices for some classes of linear bounded operators 70
N.Kh.Khairullin Multivariate central waves of quasilinear systems 74

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