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№2, 1998

G.V.Arutyunyants On the local structure of the Besicovich construction 1
I.V.Boikov Iteration methods for solving equations in convolutions 5
R.N.Guzeev and A.V.Loboda On holomorphic invariants of logarithmic spirals 13
A.A.Yefremov Isolated from above d-r.e. degrees I 17
Yu.V.Zaitseva Controlled linear stochastic systems with coefficients depending on a random sequence 26
I.Ye.Koshelev Numerical solving linear Fredholm equation of first kind by a multigrid method 31
V.A.Krys'ko, V.N.Kuznetsov and S.V.Polyakova Operator approach in a geometrically nonlinear problem on static stability of plates and shells 37
G.I.Mikhasyov Asymptotic solutions of system of equations for sloping shells in the form of two-dimensional wave packets 44
A.G.Myasnikov Amenable L1(G)-modules, averaging functions, and spaces with mixed norm 51
I.I.Sakhayev and Kh.I.Khakmi On strongly regular modules and rings 57
Yu.I.Solov'yov The Cauchy formula and Cauchy type integral for a class of generalized analytical functions 61
S.A.Tyurin Classification of tori in the Zassenhaus algebra 66
M.N.Sheremeta and Ya.Ya.Pritula Peak of absolute value and maximal term for a certain class of Dirichlet series 74
N.L.Vasilevskii and M.V.Shapiro On the Bergmann kernel functions in the quaternion analysis 81

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