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№12, 1998

L.T.Ashchepkov and Yu.B.Stegostenko Stabilization of linear discrete system of control with interval coefficients 1
R.A.Berdysheva and V.A.Yemelichev Some forms of stability of combinatorial lexicographic optimization 9
I.I.Yeryomin On quadratic and complete quadratic problems of convex programming 20
I.Ya.Zabotin On an approach to construction of the algorithms of unconditional minimization of pseudoconvex functions 27
Ya.I.Zabotin and I.N.Dan'shin Algorithms with combination, parameterization, and bilateral approximation on the method of centers 38
V.S.Izhutkin and A.V.Blinov Method of exterior centers with use of adduced gradient for the problem of nonlinear programming 47
I.V.Konnov An inexact combined relaxation method for multivalued inclusions 55
M.K.Kravtsov and O.Ya.Yanushkevich Linear convolution of criteria in the two-criteria optimization 60
L.D.Popov On one-stage method for solving lexicographic variational inequalities 67
V.A.Srochko, S.N.Dushutina and Ye.I.Pudalova Regularization of the maximum principle and methods of improvement in the quadratic problems of optimal control 77
Ye.V.Aksenyushkina Method of needle linearization in the problems of optimal control with functional constraints 88

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