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№10, 1998

I.A.Aleksandrov and G.D.Sadritdinova Mappings with rotation symmetry 1
M.K.Bugir Estimates of conditional stability of a two-contour boundary value problem in a circle 5
V.D.Golovin On holomorphically complete complex spaces 13
O.V.Dashevich Canonical structures of classical type on regular Ф-spaces and invariant affine connections 21
V.P.Derevenskii Solving the systems of matrix algebraic linear equations 30
S.Ye.Zhelezovskii On the existence and uniqueness of solution and on the convergence rate of the Bubnov§ёGalyorkin method for a quasilinear evolutionary problem in a Hilbert space 35
D.A.Kalinin Canonical form of a pair of Hermitian forms 44
B.A.Kats Integration along a plane fractal curve, the gap problem, and generalized measures 51
V.P.Tanana On convergence of finite dimensional approximations of regularized solutions in the theory of nonlinear problems 64
V.A.Yurko Integrable dynamic systems connected with difference operators of higher order 69

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